Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elizabethan Productions

My sister Elizabeth designs and manufactures greeting cards.  She always had a great sense of humor!  When we were teenagers, I can remember her looking through photos and making up funny captions to go with them.  Thirty years have passed and she is still doing it, only now she makes her living at it.
below is a picture from her husband's family photo album:

The caption on the front reads:  "Every man's fantasy is a young babe with a pair of big ones."  The inside caption:  "There's no limit to your Birthday Wish, so THINK BIG."

The next one is a picture of me (on the left) and Elizabeth (on the right.)  I'm 16, she's 23.  The photo was taken on Christmas Day.  I remember this because I am wearing a dorky hat and scarf that my mom gave me.  The caption reads:  "Who finds a friend finds treasure."  --- Irish Proverb

Elizabeth's cards can be found at many fine retail establishments in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Check out her website:  http://www.elizabethanproductions.com

She also carries an amazing series of cards cowgirl themed cards.  Check it out!


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